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Find Out Who’s Composting

Find Out Who’s Composting

As Consumers, We Have the Power To Support Businesses Championing the Zero Waste Movement and Leading the Composting Charge.

Do you want to support a sustainable cafe by dropping by for a coffee?

Do you want to shop at a retail business that has a composting system in place?

Or do you want to know which event is championing compostable packaging?

Search by Your Location or Business Name To Get Started.

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Why Support Businesses That Compost?

Compost Connect
Divert Waste From Landfill

Instead of contributing to landfill, compost turns waste into a beneficial fertiliser.

Compost Connect
Reduce Emissions

Organic waste in landfill generates methane, a greenhouse gas that’s 28 to 36 times more potent than CO2. By composting, we’re significantly reducing these emissions.

Compost Connect
Create a Natural Fertiliser

Because composting turns waste into nutrient-rich fertiliser, we can reduce or eliminate the need for chemical fertilisers and improve soil health.

Want To Get on the Compost Club Map?

Are you a business that’s already started composting? Join the Compost Club and you’ll be featured alongside other pioneering businesses and showcase your commitment to sustainability.


Compost Club Members

We work with over 200+ members and have diverted more than 4700 tonnes of waste from landfill since launching our collection service. See our Compost Club members in the wild.