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Compost Your Takeaway Packaging

Compost Your Takeaway Packaging (visit the map)

Use the map below to see if your council is composting and show your support for Compost Club members by dropping by for a coffee or a bite – these local businesses are championing the zero waste movement and leading the charge.

Compost Club Members Map

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This Could Be Your Positive Impact by Composting

*An average-sized cafe can divert around 150kg of organics from landfill every week. In one year, the positive impact of composting is:

Compost Connect
7,800 KGS

of Waste Diverted from Landfill

Compost Connect
5,460 KGS

of Compost Created

Compost Connect

of Carbon Avoided and Sequestered

Compost Club Members

We work with over 200+ members and have diverted more than 940 tonnes of waste from landfill since launching our collection service. If you’re a food retailer, market, cafe, coffee roaster or business with a