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Tackling Food Waste, One Compost Bin at a Time

We are Compost Connect, a not-for-profit platform committed to education, lifting composting rates, and connecting foodservice businesses to commercial composters.


Start Composting at Your Foodservice Business

Use our search tool to see if composting is available in your area. By diverting your food waste and compostable packaging from landfills, you can create nutrient-rich compost, lower your carbon footprint, and win the hearts of conscious consumers.


How Does Compost Connect Work?

Three icons outlining our mission. Icon one reads: divert food waste from landfill. Icon two reads: lift composting rates. Icon three reads: make a positive difference to the environment.

Step 1

Find Your Local Composter

Step 2

Sign Up and Receive Your Bins


Step 3

Fill Your Bin For Regular Collection

Are You an Individual Wanting To Make a Difference?

At Compost Connect, we’re not just for businesses. We also make it easy for individuals to learn about the world of composting and stay up to date with the latest initiatives.



Why Do We Need To Create a Widespread Movement Toward Composting?

Throwing food waste into a compost bin instead of landfill can have a big impact.

Divert Waste

Reduce food waste and turn it into incredibly valuable nutrient-rich compost instead.

Enrich Soil

Composting promotes healthy soils that require less water, fertiliser and pesticides.

Combat Climate Change

Composting reduces Greenhouse Gas emissions by capturing carbon and returning nutrients to the soil.

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Our Compost Partners

Powered by Zap Waste and First Mile compost partners, we cover 6,670 postcode districts across London and Birmingham.

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