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Where To Buy or Lease a Commercial Composter

Where To Buy or Lease a Commercial Composter

Are you considering an on-site commercial composter?

Learn more about the best commercial composting units, the positive impact you could have on the planet and how much you could save in the long run.

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What Is a Commercial Composter?

Commercial composters are a sustainable, economical and practical waste solution used by large businesses and organisations. By installing an on-site composting system, you can significantly reduce the waste you send to landfill.

Commercial composting units are ideal for*:

  • Large shopping centres
  • Large restaurants
  • Food outlets
  • Offices
  • Universities
  • Mining companies
  • Workplaces
  • Hospitals
  • Zoos
  • Prisons

*Composting units are ideal for new builds. Due to their size, they often need to be planned for in the building phase.

Where To Buy or Lease a Commercial Composter


GoTerra is a waste management technology company. GoTerra uses revolutionary modular, autonomous technology powered by insects that consume food waste! This reduces emissions and creates a circular economy. The byproducts of this composting process are:

  • Frass – a nutrient-dense organic fertiliser that promotes the growth of crops
  • Protein – a high-value protein for livestock feed, aquaculture and pet feed

The Details

Model name: Modular waste management units

Unit technology: Soldier fly larvae bioconversion

Feedstock accepted: All food waste, including fruit and vegetable waste; meat, blood and skin; milk and dairy; processed foods and products including fats and oils and certified compostable packaging to AUNZ standards.

Processes compostable packaging: Yes, certified compostable packaging is accepted to up to 10% of the feedstock’s total volume.

Unit footprint: Occupies a total footprint of ~100 square metres, with subsequent devices requiring ~20 square metres. 

Service areas: Currently available in ACT, NSW and VIC. There are plans to be nationwide in 2024.

Pricing model: Leasing model and service fees for organic waste management.

Green Eco Technologies

WasteMaster is an Australian-made and owned technology that converts organic waste into a concentrated residue within 24 hours. It’s been independently tested to show that it destroys all bacteria and pathogens with virtually no odour – it also doesn’t attract rodents. The residue can be safely handled, transported, stored and used as an additive to create a high-quality compost. 

When you sign up with Green Eco Technologies, you’ll get a custom dashboard showing how much waste you’ve diverted from landfill, your greenhouse gas reduction, how many homes you’ve powered and more. 

The Details

Model name: WasteMaster, there are 3 WasteMaster models with daily capacities between 200 and 800 kg.

Unit technology: Proprietary technology M.I.R.A helps to break down the cellular structure of food waste, releasing the fixed moisture and rapidly accelerating the natural decomposition process. This allows the WasteMaster to process food waste without using excessively high heat and power.

Feedstock accepted: Fruit, vegetables, meat (including chicken bones), seafood (including fish frames and head), crustaceans, coffee, soft plant foliage, grass clippings and compostable packaging.

Processes compostable packaging: Yes, fibre and paper-based certified compostable packaging is accepted to up to 20% of the feedstock’s total weight. 

Unit footprint: Occupies a total footprint of 3500mm x 3800mm.

Service areas: Australia-wide, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Singapore. 

Pricing model: Managed service (all-inclusive monthly fee) or an outright fee and service agreement.

Why Install a Commercial Compost Machine?

Environmental Benefits

Food waste produces 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions (source). By having a commercial compost machine readily available on-site, you can easily reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill, and as a result, your emissions. 

The organic waste you collect can be turned into a nutrient-rich fertiliser to replenish soil and feed plants.

Save On Waste

With an on-site compost machine, you’ll significantly reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill. 

This can reduce costs associated with waste removal, including logistics and transport.

Build Credibility

Whether you’re a workplace, university or large restaurant, composting on-site can win the hearts of conscious consumers. 

It’ll build your credibility in the market and show your commitment to environmental sustainability. 

What Difference Could You Make?

By installing a WasteMaster composting system, one Australian business has:

Created enough green electricity to power 774 homes for one day.
an icon of a CO2 cloud with an arrow pointing down
Seen an 84% reduction in greenhouse gas generation compared with landfill disposal.
In the first 6 months, diverted 18.7 tonnes of food waste from landfill.

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The Future Of Commercial Composting

Can’t find a commercial composter that suits your business model? 

We recognise that right now, the size and scale of commercial composters might not be suited to all businesses – particularly small businesses.

But as demand for composting facilities increases in Australia, New Zealand and around the world, we can only expect more innovative technology and new and exciting solutions to come on the market. At Compost Connect, we’re committed to keeping you updated on this evolution.