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Sign up for Compost Service

Did you know that methane gas emitted from food waste in landfill is the third largest contributor to climate change?

From as little as $1 a day, you can divert your food scraps and compostable packaging from landfill and avoid the methane gas this would produce there.

Compost Connect currently has 18 compost partners, servicing 2,200+ suburbs across Australia and New Zealand. Find your local business composting service below and turn your ‘waste’ into nutrient-rich compost.

Businesses who also join the Compost Club to be featured on the Map get extra perks on top of saving the planet!

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2,200 Suburbs Covered

Compost Connect offers commercial organic waste collection in over 2,200 postcodes across Australia and New Zealand. Send us your details in the form below for instant access to an info pack and to be put in touch with your local composter for customised pricing.

2,200 Suburbs Covered

Find Out If You Are in the Zone

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
Compost Club Testimonials

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), Sydney

We’ve gradually gone from a couple hundred kilos a week, to 1 tonne (1,000 kilos) a week now of organic compostable waste.
Compost Club Testimonials

Zambrero, UK

Zambrero UK’s involvement with Compost Connect was a natural choice to support an initiative that allows our customers to actually compost our compostable BioPak packaging.
University of Sunshine Coast
Compost Club Testimonials

University of Sunshine Coast, QLD

Our On-site Composting Apparatus (OSCA) allows us to take what we can out of the University’s waste to put back into the soil. It’s also a real-life opportunity to share what we have learnt with our local community and schools.”
Compost Club Testimonials

ATIYAH, Melbourne

At Atiyah, we want to set an example that you don’t need emissions to run a kitchen, and really, there’s never been a better time to think about renewable energy in this way.
Saint John Espresso
Compost Club Testimonials

Saint John Espresso, Sydney

Composting has been surprisingly simple. The team are all really supportive and the customer response has been great, many local customers bring their cups back to put in our composting bins. And better yet – It has actually SAVED us money!
Merlo Coffee
Compost Club Testimonials

Merlo Coffee, Brisbane

Our customers love it and started using the organic recycling bins right from the start. Most people tell us they want to do more to look after the environment and this is one easy way they can participate.
Sea Life
Compost Club Testimonials

Sea Life, Auckland

By adopting BioPak packaging and using the compost service, we've noticed significant changes to our waste – immediately, we're sending 30% less waste to landfill.

Compost Partners

Compostaway (NZ)
Easy Earth (NZ)
ORG (Sydney)
Corio Waste Management
Auscan Worm Farms
Eco Passive
Greenwaste To Zero
JJ’s Waste & Recycling
Veolia (Brisbane)
Happy Farmer
Table to Earth
Total Waste Solutions
We Compost (NZ)
Private: Waste Ninja
WRITE Solutions Australia

The Positive Impact of Composting

In one year, this is the positive impact an average cafe can make through composting:

Compost Connect
7,800 KGS

of Waste Diverted from Landfill

Compost Connect
5,460 KGS

of Compost Created

Compost Connect

of Carbon Avoided and Sequestered

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