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Tourism Noosa Launches Composting Trial With Seven Local Cafés & Resorts

Team Compost Connect, 12 November 2021
Tourism Noosa Launches Composting Trial With Seven Local Cafés & Resorts

In partnership with non-for-profit composting initiative Compost Connect, seven businesses in the Noosa Council Shire will participate in a six week composting trial commencing Wednesday, November 3rd. Businesses included in this trial are RACV Noosa Resort, Organika, Padre Coffee, Humdrum Espresso, VanillaFood, Mr Drifter and McDonald’s Noosaville.

Through a waste initiative of Sustainable Events at Tourism Noosa, these businesses have been connected with Party Bins to arrange weekly collection of any food scraps and certified commercially compostable food packaging. Party Bins will transport this to Earthborn Australia in Palmwoods, a commercial composting facility, just 50kms from Noosa. Compost bins for customers will be stationed in these cafes and restaurants to encourage customers to put their leftovers and any compostable packaging in them.

Historically and even presently, disposing of food packaging responsibly has been tricky. Food containers that have been contaminated with food cannot be recycled, but if certified compostable, they can indeed be composted and this is where we can significantly reduce what we send to landfill. A key factor in the success of this trial is educating front and back of house staff as to what can and can’t be included in the compost bin and providing clear signage for consumers.

The objective of this trial is to encourage other business owners, especially foodservice businesses, to start composting their food scraps and certified compostable packaging. This not only keeps rubbish off the streets like coffee cups, cutlery and other single-use food items, but diverts rubbish from landfill that can otherwise be turned into rich composting soil.

“We are very excited to commence this trial and encourage other Noosa businesses to contact Compost Connect if they would like to start composting. We will report on the trial waste collection data including contamination, plus feedback from customers, café owners, chefs, waste truck drivers, Earthborn staff, tourists, hotel owners and restaurant staff. This is a massive opportunity to change the way we think about waste and hopefully encourage others to follow suit.” – Juanita Bloomfield, Environment & Sustainability Manager, Tourism Noosa

For more information or to sign up to Compost Connect, please visit:


  • An average cafe can convert approximately 150kg per week.
  • We are hoping to see the trial divert 6300 kg of organic waste from landfill in six weeks, creating 4410 kg of compost/or creating enough compost to create 441 10 kg bags of compost and avoid/absorbing 3213 kg of carbon from the atmosphere.


Compost Connect is a government-funded, non-for-profit composting initiative with the objective of connecting businesses with local compost partners to direct any organics from landfill.


Adrianne Tasker, BioPak/Compost Connect, 0280748287 ext 71126

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