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WRITE Solutions Australia: What Happens To Your BioCup?

Team Compost Connect, 17 October 2023
WRITE Solutions Australia: What Happens To Your BioCup?

When you use compostable cups, they are intended to be disposed of responsibly through composting. Compostable food packaging is designed to break down into organic matter under the right conditions. Depending on the certification, compostable packaging can be either processed in a commercial composting facility or a home composting system. Be sure to check each packaging item for the right certification logo.


Setting up a compost bin, whether at home or in a public place, and collaborating with local councils or composting facilities are essential to successfully diverting food waste from landfill and promoting sustainability. 

In Western Australia, WRITE Solutions Australia is one of the local composters that has been helping businesses manage their food waste responsibly since 2018. WRITE Solutions Australia partners with BioPak to encourage wider use of compostable packaging in restaurants, cafés, schools, and more. 


WRITE Solutions Australia Truck with the waste material.

Composting As a Closed-Loop Solution

By opting for a closed-loop solution, businesses and communities can actively participate in the global effort to reduce food waste, promote sustainability, and mitigate the environmental impact of disposable products through compostable packaging


Here are some of the steps involved in bringing the closed-loop solution to fruition:

1. Collection:

Your local composter, such as WRITE Solutions Australia, provides specialized waste collection bins to businesses, institutions, and events. They collect used compostable cups and food packaging, food scraps and other organic waste from various locations.

The WRITE Solutions Australia truck unloading waste onto their compost facility.

2. Transportation

The organic waste material is transported to the composter’s commercial composting facilities. These facilities are equipped to handle large volumes of organic waste, ensuring efficient processing.

An aerial shot of the compost heaps at WRITE Solutions Australia’s composting facility.

3. Composting

The compostable cups and food packaging are mixed with other organic materials at the composting facility. The controlled environment in the composting process facilitates the breakdown of these cups into valuable compost.


In just four short weeks, the heat generated and unique microbes break down all food scraps, compostable packaging, and garden waste. The compost is then cooled, screened for any contaminants, and is then ready for use in farms and gardens.

Watch The Circular Economy In Action

View the video below to watch a compostable BioCup’s journey from a local café to WRITE Solutions Australia’s composting facility.


In embracing the closed-loop solution for compostable cups, we witness the power of collective action in shaping a more sustainable future. Composters such as WRITE Solutions Australia and compostable packaging suppliers like BioPak underscore the importance of responsible waste management and demonstrate how small choices can lead to significant environmental change. 


A person adding compost to their garden.

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