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Adelaide: A Composting Success Story

Team Compost Connect, 30 June 2023
Adelaide: A Composting Success Story

Adelaide: A Composting Success Story

Adelaide has emerged as a shining example of successful composting initiatives, demonstrating its remarkable impact in creating positive environmental change. Through the combined efforts of its residents and the City Council of Adelaide, the city has taken proactive measures to prioritise waste reduction and recycling, with a particular emphasis on compostable takeaway packaging and accessible compost bins.

Empowering Businesses and People to Reduce Waste

The city of Adelaide actively promotes compostable takeaway packaging among business owners, driving a shift from single-use plastics to recyclable or compostable alternatives. Through the Rundle Mall Public Place Organics Recycling Pilot Business Incentives Program, over 20,000 plastics have been replaced with compostable products. As a result, this transition reduces waste in landfills and nurtures an environmentally responsible culture among business owners.

A white BioCup breaking down in a compost pile.

The City Council of Adelaide also supports composting by providing free kitchen caddies for home composting and a green organics bin system for proper waste segregation. This infrastructure encourages people to dispose of organic waste correctly, transforming it into valuable compost for local gardens, farms, and urban green spaces.

Adelaide's Sustainable Community

Watch the video below to learn about how Adelaide’s community maintains the sustainable efforts of the city:

  • Jane Lomax-Smith, Lord Mayor of the City of Adelaide, has spearheaded many initiatives to keep Adelaide environmentally friendly while overseeing the city’s governance and development. 
  • Joshua Baker owns Clever Little Tailor, where compostable packaging and proper waste segregation are used to reduce waste in their establishment.
  • Marty Jeffries is the Managing Director at 4th generation composter, Jeffries Group.
  • Hugh Scoobie is the dedicated Sustainability Officer for WomADelaide, ensuring the festival’s adoption of a zero-waste-to-landfill strategy.
  • Charlie Sykes is the Managing Director of Australian Green Clean, a company committed to providing environmentally friendly cleaning and waste management solutions.
  • Gary Smith is the CEO of BioPak, a market leader in sustainable packaging solutions.

Adelaide’s successful composting initiatives provide insights into the implementation of environmentally-friendly waste management practices, inspiring other cities to embrace sustainable solutions and make a lasting impact on the environment.

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